Germany enforces new mask regulations - the main differences between medical and FFP2 masks

As the total number of cases in Germany surpasses 2.11 million up to date, the Federal Authorities in Germany extended the imposed lockdown until 14 February 2021.

The Authorities are trying to encourage more people to work from home to curb infection rates, so new regulations have been imposed on businesses on the 21st January 2021. For employees who cannot work from home, employers are required to provide medical masks or FFP2 masks for the employees working in the workplace.

But what’s the difference between medical and FFP2 masks?

Medical Masks are disposable 3-ply masks, that are available with different levels of filtration (BFE - bacteria filtration efficiency). There are two levels of filtration for medical masks; Type I - which filters >95% of particles and Type II - which filters >98% of particles.

While they are easy to breathe in, there are two main drawbacks to medical masks. The first is that the mask is not fitted, and therefore is mainly a protection for those around the wearers but not for the wearer, as part of the air inhaled by the wearer is not filtered through the mask.

The second draw back is the time of use. After 2-3 hours, these masks do not provide the same level of filtration as the filtration effect is reduced, making them unsafe to use for extended periods and not eco-friendly.

FFP2 masks (N-95) are disposable or reusable masks that use the PFE (particle filtration efficiency standard). The FFP2 masks filters >98% of particles and is designed to be fitted around the face.

But the commonly available disposable FFP2 masks also have drawbacks - from being extremely damaging to the environment due to being one-time use to posing a risk for contamination as viruses can live on the surface of the mask up to a week. 

This is why SANKOM Switzerland developed the Avevitta Protect 2.0 mask - a unique FFP2 mask, that is more protective and more eco-friendly than conventional FFP2 masks.

The AVEVITTA Protect 2.0 is:

  • FFP2 RD (Certified in Europe)
  • >99% anti-bacterial (ISO standard)
  • >99% anti-viral (ISO standard)
  • >99% filtration rate
  • Water-repellent, Comfortable & Breathable

    AVEVITTA Protect 2.0 Masks are reusable, only require washing once a week, and have adjustable ear loops as well as nose clips, making it suitable for all face shapes and sizes.

    Thanks to its anti-viral properties, the mask kills viruses that come in contact with it, eliminating the risk of contamination commonly associated with reusable masks.

    Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, the mask remains clean and odour free even with extended use.

    The Avevitta Protect 2.0 masks are also available in custom colours and with your company logo.


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    Let’s stop COV-19 together!

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